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Armani Brand: Good Taste


The house of Giorgio Armani has become so linked to high fashion not just in Italy but around the world that, "It's an Armani!" speaks for its worldwide reputation.

The brand name is instantly recognizable as synonymous with fine men's and women's apparel.

If you are looking for well-cut suits, shirts, blouses and ties then you need look no farther than this label. The lines extend beyond the original haute couture fashions for which the Italian designer is most famous. Today you can get the brand's ready-to-wear fashions for men and women at fine clothing stores and online sites around the world.

They have also placed their brand name on such accessories as belts and shoes, watches, jewellery, eye glasses, makeup and even home décor. The label is marketed under such names as: Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange and Armani Collezioni to name just a few of Armani brand sub-labels.

The latest Armani expansion is a chain of luxury hotels which the fashion legend is undertaking with Emaar Properties. This is a natural link to the cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs the company already owns.


The Armani fashion and Armani Junior Company is worth an estimated three billion Euros. Since its inception the formal wear of Giorgio Armani has been considered the utmost in high fashion. Armani suits have been worn by movie stars, presidents, sultans and kings. Armani high fashion creations have adorned presidents' daughters, movie stars, royalty, and first ladies.

www.helloluxs123.vip (China Biggest Brand Replicas Wholesalers)