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GUCCI brand, born in Italy in 1947, "Bamboo Festival" represents GUCCI as a classic symbol in the history of design. Later, Gucci's style design has not been particularly innovative, sales have also declined, but since 2014 GUCCI officially After replacing the director, Gucci's style has come a 180-degree change, changing the new women's and literary routes, and the sales volume has increased greatly, becoming the new favorite of fashion. The increase in sales is also accompanied by the increase in counterfeit goods. Today, we will briefly introduce the identification points of GUCCI bags.

Gathering the luxury net name package name table to tell everyone a few Gucci's little secrets

www.helloluxs123.vip (China Biggest Brand Replicas Wholesalers)


1, dust bag

GUCCI dust bag is generally brown, dark brown, printed on the top of the GG logo or GUCCI brand name, although some imitations also have dust bags and standard cards, but there is a certain gap between printing and branding, pay attention to the spacing of letters, and edge symmetry.


Authentic internal stitching is meticulous, there will be no running lines and so on.


2, surface signs

GUCCI body is commonly used in this full-package logo design, the original double C rotation is opposite, the spacing of the double C is symmetric and consistent, and the stitching joint is also symmetrical.


3, leather

Genuine GUCCI bags are made of the finest leather and materials, while replicas often use cheap leather or synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is too perfect because it is made by machine. But often dull, genuine leather may have a natural musty smell, and fakes are often chemically treated, chemically odorous, or rubbery.


4, zipper metal

The hardware is an important part of any famous brand bag. The original font is small and regular, the logo is clear, and the weight is sufficient; the imitation font is thick, the texture is poor, and the weight is light.


www.helloluxs123.vip (China Biggest Brand Replicas Wholesalers)